• Image of Ides - Songs About Love/Hate (distro only)

Ides is the solo project of the incomparable (and darling friend of mine) Lan Gruesome, who also happens to be the lead singer of the excellent Cardiff/Brighton/London pop band Joanna Gruesome (as well as the former bass player for essential popsters Evans the Death). Anyway, that all hardly matters because Ides stands in a class of her own and I'm super excited to be able to distribute a few copies of her four-song cassette (originally out on UK label Reeks of Effort) in the US.

"Sounds like someone replaced her Cheerios with valium." - someone (??)

Four gloomy gorgeous heartaching songs for those gloaming lonely summer nights a bottle and a half of cheap merlot and two packs of Luckies deep on limited edition cassette. Though there are echoes of early Cat Power and other sad-eyed lowland ladies, these four songs begin with a whisper and build into a bang; the result is a positively affecting and moving EP of longing, regret, resilience, resolve, and, of course, the janus-faced hydra of love and hate.

We'll only have 8 2 copies left in stock, so get one now before they are gone FOREVER. And because this is such a special thing, fuck it, free shipping!

Listen to the whole caboodle below and to purchase it digitally, head on over to Reeks of Effort.

>>> This is a domestic US distribution only. Sincerest apologies to international fans! <<<

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